A little teddy bear - found lying in the road in Utica - is trying to find his way home, and you can help.

Remember your favorite stuffed animal as a kid? The one you brought everywhere you went? Now, imagine if - by some accident - you managed to lose that beloved friend. Wouldn't you want to get it back?

Somewhere, a child is mourning the lost of their beloved bear - picked up by a good Samaritan outside the Adirondack Bank Center in Utica. You can help get this little bear home.

Credit: Google Maps/Kelly Perrin
Credit: Google Maps/Kelly Perrin

According to Kelly - who found the bear - he (or she) was discovered laying in the road near Whitesboro Street, just outside the Aud. In a Facebook post from April 27, Kelly says:

"Does anyone recognize this little bear? We found it today, in the road by the Aud in Utica. It looked like it might have fallen off a vehicle as someone left the parking area on Whitesboro St-see map for approx location. I know it's probably a long-shot but maybe someone is really missing this bear and it can find its way home."

If you recognize this bear - or know the child that might be missing it - please reach out to Kelly via Facebook.

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