Cancer is probably my least favorite word in the English language. I consider it a vulgar, terrible, curse word. A four-time cancer survivor feels the same way. See what she's doing to crush cancer!

friends who continue to endure, and fight their way through this terrible illness.  It seems to be an irrefutable fact that individuals who have cancer also have a courageous and warrior spirit within them. They're all troopers, heroes, and champions.  This cancer survivor proves my point.

Her name is Helene Neville, and she recently embarked on her 4th trans-continental jog. Today she was spotted while running between Waterville, and East Winfield.

Helene says, “I started in 2010 and I'm running the entire perimeter of the continental U.S. I'm a cancer survivor and I stop at cancer centers. I stop at hospitals, schools, fire departments, and just try to get people to imagine the possibilities and rethink impossible. To me I feel like the journey never ends. There's always somebody down the road, in the next town, around the corner that may just need acknowledgement or inspiration, and so it just never ends for me."

Helene loves running because she gets to experience and appreciate the beauty of our country at a much slower pace. She also enjoys meeting up and encouraging other individuals along the way. She started her journey on May 1st, and anticipates ending September 5th in Washington State. You can track Helene's journey at:

On September 5, 2015 at the age of 55, she will be one of only four runners to complete a run around the perimeter of the Continental United States. (37 states & D.C., 2 countries,9,676 miles, 6 years, 2 feet, 1 woman), making her the first nurse, cancer survivor and grandmother to run the perimeter.

Is this woman an inspiration or what?!

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