We recently reported the news about the ongoing Carrier Dome renovations and the gigantic crane doing some of the heavy lifting.

Well, the crane is now receiving some official recognition--sort of. Niko Benelli, a creative Syracuse University student has given the large device a name and opened an Instagram account on its behalf. The crane, weighing in at over two million pounds and towering 580 feet above the Carrier Dome, now has a social media following. Walt is a key part of the $118 million renovation, the first phase of which should be completed by 2020.

Its given name, Walt, was decided randomly by one of Benelli's friends. Walt’s account is closing in on 1,000 followers. And students are taking selfies in front of the crane. If you want to follow Walt, just search up walt.the.crane on Instagram or check it out HERE.

There will also be a second crane on duty. What name should that one receive? Do you have names for the equipment around your house?

And what's next for Walt? Jerseys, t-shirts, and other memorabilia licensed by SU?

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