We recently told you about the world's largest kaleidoscope, located right here in New York state, in the Catskill Mountains. That attraction might warrant a special summer sightseeing road trip.

But if you want to see something REALLY big, you don’t have to travel any further than Syracuse. Right now the Salt City boasts one of the world’s largest cranes, in order to facilitate the renovation of the Carrier Dome’s roof. To illustrate its height, the tallest current building in Syracuse is the State Tower Building, which measures 311 feet. The crane, when fully extended, will measure 580 feet (over 54 stories), and will tower more than four times as high as the Dome.

The crane is needed as part of a $118 million roof renovation plan, the first phase of which should be completed by September 2020.

Credit: Marty Barber

Thanks to Marty Barber (above) and Chris Benson (below) for the great pictures.

Credit: Chris Benson
Credit Chris Benson

It will probably affect fan entry to the Dome during football games, including the big Orange match-up September 14th against Clemson. There will also be a second 800-ton crane in place for most of the football season.

And there's a rumor SU hoops coach Jim Boeheim may offer the crane a scholarship and play it at center this season in the middle of his vaunted zone defense. Someone should contact Nike ASAP about a custom uniform. Probably XXL.