If it were up to the CDC, you'd be wearing masks everywhere in Utica and Rome - except at home. That's the latest guidance issued by the organization.

The CDC says "compelling evidence" shows that mask-wearing prevents the spread of COVID, and also protects that wearer from exposure. Citing this evidence, the CDC now says we should wearing masks everywhere - except at home, and especially indoors where social distancing is less than 6'.

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The CDC says 50% of COVID transmission is coming from asymptomatic people.

Research published earlier this fall indicates that face coverings, including N95 masks without valves, block up to 80% of the fine respiratory droplets that are emitted from the nose and mouth when breathing or talking, according to UPI.com

Universal mask-wearing is just one of several recommendations issued by the CDC to prevent the spread of the virus.

  • Physical distancing and limiting contacts.
  • Avoiding nonessential indoor spaces and crowded outdoor settings.
  • Increased testing, diagnosis, and isolation.
  • Prompt contact tracing to identify, quarantine, and test close contacts.
  • Safeguarding persons most at risk for severe illness or death.

In the wake of increasing COVID cases across America, the CDC has also issued a recommendation for people to stay home rather than traveling for the Christmas holidays. If you must travel, get tested for COVID before and after your trip.

The CDC  recommends a test one to three days before travel and another three to five days after travel, plus reducing nonessential activities for seven days after travel. If you choose not to get tested, you should reduce nonessential activities for 10 days after travel.

New York state currently required anyone traveling outside the area to be tested 3 days before their return to NY, and 4 days after the return - or quarantine for 14 days upon their return to NY.

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