The Centers for Disease Control has issued a report about outbreaks caused by pathogens in pools and hot tubs, along with some simple advice: don't swallow pool water.

The CDC says that between 2000 and 2014, there were around 500 outbreaks of disease as a result of infected recreational water - those outbreaks sickened over 27,000 people and killed 8.

The Cities of Utica and Rome boasts several public swimming pools, so are they safe?

Isn't a pool treated with chlorine safe?

Yes and no. Chlorine can help wipe out many of the bad germs swimming around in the pool, but some of them are highly resistant to chlorine - namely Cryptosporidium - which can cause severe gastrointestinal illness.

The majority of the outbreaks occurred after people went swimming in hotel pools - so keep that in mind while you're vacationing.

So what does the CDC say is the best way to avoid getting sick? Well, they're pretty obvious:

1. Do NOT swallow pool water. Now, there aren't many people who jump in the pool to drink it - but be really careful about swallowing any water that does get in your mouth, and explain to kids that pool water is definitely NOT for  drinking.

2. Don't go swimming if you have diarrhea. Another obvious one. This is for the safety of other people - because your diarrhea means you're already sick. We know - you paid good money for this vacation so you're going swimming. So did everyone else - go sit by the pool and read a book. Keep your poo out of the pool.

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