Public pools are something that many of us take advantage of here in Central New York. However, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention wants you to know that there are some risks that come with the decision to swim where others are swimming all the time.

You don't want any P-O-O in your P-O-O-L. 

The newest danger that comes with public pools is called "crypto," and it's a fecal parasite that is apparently on the rise according to the CDC. A new report on the nature of the outbreaks in the United States from 2009 through 2017 shows that pools and water parks are the two most common ways to end up with a nasty parasitic infection. The study says a full 35 percent of cryptosporidiosis outbreaks are linked to exposure at water parks and public pools, and the CDC has a very specific guideline that everyone should follow.

This is graphic but I need to share. When you get a case of "crypto," the symptom isn't pretty. Intense. Diarrhea. Even if you have the immune system of Chuck Norris, if you catch the case of "crypto," you will STILL experience the same symptom. For weeks.

The CDC warns that “fecal-oral transmission” is one of the primary ways the parasite spreads. Meaning, don't swim with poo.

What are some other ways to make sure you don't end up with a case of crypto?

  • Wash hands after touching any animals
  • If your child is experiencing illness with diarrhea as a symptom, keep them home.

It’s worth noting here that it doesn’t matter how clean the water you’re swimming in looks. It could appear crystal clear, and even be treated with chemicals as the water in most public pools and water parks is. Reality is, the parasite's eggs can still live in that.

This whole thing has me CRINGING, and makes me just want to hang out in the comfort of my own bathtub with cold water whenever the heat gets me wanting to swim.

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