In addition to Old Glory, you'll find other flags above the courthouse in downtown Utica.  Here's a look at other flags that fly above Central New York.

New York State Flag

NY Department of State

The Flag of New York State depicts the state's coat of arms, shown above.  The two female figures represent Liberty and Justice.  Notice how Liberty, to the left, seems to be kicking the British Crown.  The word 'excelsior' is the New York State motto and means ever upward.

Oneida County Flag

Oneida County

The Oneida County flag is the seal of the county on a yellow background.  The seal depicts the outline of the county and the year of its founding, 1798.  The blue line that cuts the county roughly in half is the Erie Canal while the 26 stars that surround it represent the towns that make up the county.

Flag at the Whitestown Hall

Eric Meier/TSM