Do you have a sweet tooth? Here are a few summer strawberry recipes native to Central New York that will put a smile on your face!

It's finally beginning to look and feel like Summer here in Central New York! Warmer weather, outdoor picnics, and jogs along the beach; these are a few of my favorite summertime things. One of my other summertime faves is enjoying tasty desserts. Here's some recipes made with strawberries that originated right here in our hometown!

Strawberry Cheesecake (Copycat recipe from Manny's in Utica)

Unfortunately, my favorite cheesecake place was destroyed by a fire back in 2011. The story is sad I know; but now for the good news: A mock Manny's cheesecake recipe is now available for the taking. If you've ever tasted Manny's cheesecake,  you are aware of just how awesome it was!. This recipe may never have the personal touch of Manny himself but it's still pretty savory. We miss you Manny! Click HERE to get the RECIPE.

Strawberries and Cream with Grandma's Pound Cake

Claudia Lamascolo is one of Central New York's finest bakers! She specializes in Italian fare. Her taste buds are refined and she's gifted in creating sweets like this mouthwatering dessert! Let's face it, pound cake without anything on top of it is just kind of blah! When I tried Caludia's recipe for the first time however, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. If you're looking for a dessert idea to bring to a family reunion in Herkimer or a summer BBQ in Westmoreland, here's one you definitely don't want to overlook!  Click HERE for Claudia's RECIPE.

Italian Cannoli Birthday Cake With Strawberries

Nothing says Central New York flavor like Cannoli. I'll be honest, I tried Cannoli for the first time three weeks ago. I know what you're thinking, "how long have you lived in Utica Matt?!!" I know, I know, I'm a little late to the Cannoli carnival. I'm so glad I decided to go though! This recipe is technically a birthday cake dessert, but feel free to turn it into an anniversary or Father's Day cake as well! When you're tempted to feel guilty about indulging in this sweet treat, remember that strawberries are rich in fiber, vitamin c, and potassium. HERE's this delicious RECIPE.

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