Central New York could be birthing potential robot engineers. See what these students are building!

The last time I built a robot he only stood about 4 inches high and he fell apart within weeks. He didn't help me earn my weekly allowance by vacuuming and dusting for me and he didn't even bake brownies in my sister's Easy Bake Oven. I had hoped my robot would end up looking like a really cool Transformers action figure. Instead he resembled a brokendown wall or a tottering fence on the verge of toppling into a giant mud puddle near my house in Middleburgh, NY.  I put my robot to the test in the harshest of conditions by exposing him to the elements of wind, snow, rain and sleet. He also got a chance to work on his swimming skills when I gave him a daily dip in the Schoharie Creek.  I thought if my robot could endure these horrible habitats he could certainly withstand and survive the minefield that was.............my bedroom!  I had several dangerous missions marked out for this full metal marine: He was to make my bed, pick up my toys, put away my clothes and clean my closet. Unfortunately he never graduated boot camp. After a fortnight of intense training in several aquatic atrocities this trepid tin man was still very rusty (pardon the pun.) I learned a valuable lesson in humility from this experience. I also learned that an eleven year old is not wise enough to train a toy soldier who was built with an Erector Set.

Several teams of students competed at SUNY Polytechnic over the weekend to determine who had the most amazing robot. Competition finalists will advance to the championship round in the hopes earning a place in the Empire Regional First Tech Challenge.

Here's a video from WKTV of some kids who are way smarter than me!



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