We've all seen this lock on the inside of a hotel door. Not everyone feels the same way about it, although it seems fairly unanimous.

We asked Facebook Friends if they use this safety device (A) all the time, (B) sometimes or (C) never. The vast majority of respondents, it seems, use it ALL THE TIME. And there were also some interesting comments to along with the answers.

-Pat: I travel every week and stay in either Hilton or Mariott properties, I always deadbolt and flip that across. Just last night I checked in to a Hampton and they gave me a room someone had already checked in to.

-Danielle: Yes I do.... I work in the hotel business. Always add the lock

-Pam: Yes! Need enough time to get the bat!!

-Lisa: It depends. If I am alone, yes. If not, not always. I always put out the "do not disturb" sign upon arrival and do not remove it until I have checked out.

-Walter: Only if I think someone’s hiding in the closet.

-Dave B: No we don’t because if the hotel has that type of lock we wouldn’t be there in the first place.

-Mike: I hate when you forget you used that lock and try to open the door only to nearly tear off your own arm!

-Jim: Your Beth & my wifey doodles are in the same union. A 6 year old boy could break that but that deadbolt is a different story. When in doubt invite Mr. Samuel Colt to the gathering to be totally secure.

***And then there was THIS exchange:

-Nick: No I hate those locks. My wife puts the lock on and I immediately take it off.
-Dave: It just annoys me each time I try to leave the room.
-Beth: You and Nick can go on vacation together. I’ll hang with all the folks who use the lock.

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