The Central New York SPCA is currently caring for a cat found frozen to a guardrail Thursday near the I-81 and I-690 interchange in the Syracuse area.

Joyanna Lathrop is the cat's savior. The Syracuse resident had spotted a Facebook post about a cat sleeping on a guardrail, and decided to check it out in person. When she arrived at the location, she saw the cat's paws were actually frozen to the metal guardrail.

Lathrop tried signaling to other motorists to see if anyone had hot coffee to help free the cat from her icy predicament. When that failed to work, she said she made the decision to just scrape the cat's paws off the guardrail, then take her to the SPCA.

Lathrop told us she would love to adopt Elsa herself, but already has a few other pets.

The SPCA has named the cat "Elsa," after the character in the Disney movie "Frozen." She has no major injuries, and will be up for adoption as soon as she recovers.

The shelter is located at 5878 E Molloy Rd, Syracuse, NY 13211. You can reach them by phone at 315-454-4479 or via their website.

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