The Utica AUD may be Getting More Upgrades
Naomi Lynn/TSM

The Utica AUD is one of many hockey rinks across Central New York in the running for $150,000 in arena upgrades, and the chance to host an NHL preseason game.

Recently, the Utica AUD received a nice upgrade to the exterior of the building with new lights that illuminate the building in the Comets colors (or the Pioneers colors, during their games). The building also had some nice upgrades inside with a new bar area. Now, Utica could be getting another upgrade - worth $150,000.

Kraft is at it again - wanting to see how much people love hockey in their area. It's with their 'Kraft Hockeyville' contest. People from all over the country can nominate their hockey/skating rink to be entered into the contest. All rinks will then be judged by their passion for hockey and community spirit (Utica is a sure win for that one), among other factors. After the judging, 10 semifinalists will be made public and people will be able to vote for the rink they want to win.

The AUD has already been nominated (thanks to 'William'), now we wait to see how well the judges like Utica's hockey story. Judging on the hockey/skating rinks start March 12th and last for about a month. By April 12th we'll know if Utica made it as a semifinalist.

You can see the wonderful article that William wrote about the AUD, and why Utica deserves these upgrades here. (Seriously, it's a great article). You can also get more information about Kraft's Hockeyville contest and details here.

Let's do this Utica! $150,000 could make the AUD even more fantastic than it already is.




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