The battle between Charlie Sheen and his daughter's former school continues, with Sheen once again sounding off on Twitter in response to what he says is bullying in response to anti-bullying -- with the victims this time being his kids and ex-wife.

It all started when Sheen's 9-year-old daughter Sam was bullied and he called upon his millions of Twitter followers to cover the school in canine excrement as punishment last week. Viewpoint School didn't find this amusing in the least (especially for an altercation that happened a year ago) and released a statement saying appropriate actions were taken when the incident first occurred.

Sheen stood by his prior call to arms, claiming there is "no statute of limitations on bullying," and now he says his ex-wife Denise Richards and their children are being punished because he spoke out against the school in the first place.

As Sheen rambled in the worst free-form poem ever:

here's why people suck;
a group of mindless
Viewpoint supporting
have targeted
D and the girls with
'bullying tactics'
as a response to my call to arms.
so, bullying is the answer?
as a response to bullying?
leave them alone.
this is not a threat but a promise,
that justice will be served.
I'm not hiding.
you are.
show yourselves you spineless cowards.
oh that's right;
cockroaches scatter in the light..
FYI - we have your faces on camera.
police are involved.
hash tag "oops"
hash tag
intimidating children?

If you leave Charlie Sheen in a room with a typewriter long enough, do you think he'll write Shakespeare?

UPDATED: Charlie called in to TMZ Live on Monday, and said his missive came about as a result of "a threatening note and a knife jammed into a tree outside his daughters' home," left by people he believes are supporters of the Viewpoint School. He says the perpetrators were caught on surveillance video and the police have been notified.

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