Charlie Sheen's inner warlock once again emerged when his 9-year-old daughter Sam became the target of bullying. So he did what any parent would do and called upon his over 9 million Twitter followers to get their finest rotten eggs, toilet paper and dog crap and vandalize his little girl's school.

Sounds reasonable.

Sheen wrote a missive on Twitter that calls Sam's school a “KamPuss” run by "trolls and charlatans," and he suggests you smear the name “Victoria” on the door of the school in feces.

In his own slightly insane words:

This is a legitimate call to arms.
my daughter Sam was bullied out of Viewpoint school and then called a liar.
it's on!
if you have a rotted egg
a roll of toilet paper
or some dog s---;
I urge u to deliver it with "extreme prejudice"
to their KamPuss run by trolls and charlatans.
make me proud.
we will not tolerate this level of
abhorrent disrespect towards the child of your favorite Warlock.
And if your feeling the
"show and tell" of it all,
smear the s--- to spell one name on the front door;
eat that loser.
hashtag HYLMN?

Something tells us this will not lead to another adorable conversation with ex-wife Denise Richards -- who's also Sam's mom.

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