Good news for New Hartford. China House, the beloved takeout spot on Oneida Street in Washington Mills, is set to to reopen.

You just don't realize how much you love Chinese food until you can't get it anymore. In the wake of the coronavirus shutdown, most of the Chinese food restaurants in Central New York closed their doors. While takeout option were plentiful, it was almost impossible to get Chinese takeout.

The reason? No one really knows - but have speculated on causes including supply chain disruptions.

In recent weeks, several Chinese restaurants have reopened for takeout, but China House had remained dark - until now. A sign on their door now proclaims they will reopen on Friday, May 8th for takeout, which will be available through the window that faces the parking lot.

If other recent reopenings are any indication, you'll want to get your order in early, and you may have to endure a few busy signals to even place your order.

Red Samurai, another New Hartford favorite, featuring sushi and hibachi meals, had a line out the door on their first day back. (We know, because we were in that line.)

We don't know about you, but we are so ready to welcome China House back to our takeout line up.


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