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China House Restaurant in New Hartford Set to Reopen
Good news for New Hartford. China House, the beloved takeout spot on Oneida Street in Washington Mills, is set to to reopen.
You just don't realize how much you love Chinese food until you can't get it anymore. In the wake of the coronavirus shutdown, most of the Chinese food restaurants in…
Munchie Madness - Round 2
Round One is done in our Restaurant Bracket, but we need your help still. We need you to vote for the number one, best restaurant in Central New York.
A Look So Far At New To Naomi
I have spent every weekend since I moved out here, exploring different areas in Central New York. This weekend I took a break from exploring (mainly to fight a nasty cold I caught), but also to take a look back at where I've been so far.
New To Naomi
So far, I've been out exploring New Hartford and Clinton. This weekend I ventured out into Washington Mills and Sauquoit, to see what the area had to offer.