Beth's SUV is cursed. Maybe it's the mouse. He's probably snickering somewhere while the SUV sits on the lift at Nimey's the New Generation.

For those of you who followed the saga of the mouse residing in Beth's SUV, from the uncertainty of its identity, to the photographic evidence of him, to his capture, and his eventual escape...we may have an update.

Last we actually SPOTTED the little guy was when Beth tried to relocate him from the trap to a more comfortable container, and he bolted across our driveway and around the corner of our garage. So, maybe he's in our garage or has found shelter elsewhere in Central New York.

We had forgotten about the whole thing. Then, this happened:

Beth tire SUV screw
Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM

The mouse was, like, I had a nice, comfortable berth in that SUV, I wasn't really bothering anyone, and you screwed it all up for me. Well, I'm gonna SCREW it up for you. How do you like me now?

Yeah, yeah, the whole idea is far-fetched. And we have no way of knowing for sure, but we've seen what mice are capable of in cartoons like Tom & Jerry and movies like Ratatouille.  If we spot him with one of our hammers, this is gonna be war.


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