They may be noisy and somewhat of a nuisance to some, but the cicada phenomenon comes back this year for New York and other parts of the Northeast.

Get ready to hear the Cicadas in the coming months! The critters will be making their way back to the surface (they have been living underground since they were born 17 years ago). According to PIX 11,

The cicadas are part of Brood V, which last hatched back in 1999. There are 14 broods that emerge in different regions on 17-year cycles.
...Brood VI is scheduled to emerge next year in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Cicadas only live for a few weeks above ground. They spend that time being noisy - which is actually like their mating song. Then they mate, lay eggs, and die. The eggs are left in tree branches and once they hatch, they head underground for 17 years. Then the cycle repeats itself.

That means the next time Cicadas will be heard in our area won't be until 2033. And even though a lot of people find them to be noisy and a little irritating, they won't be back for quite some time, so enjoy the phenomenon while it's here.




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