There's a lot to be happy for living in the Empire State, but what areas have it better than most? What places are the happiest compared to everyone else?

We would love to say Utica, Rome, or even New York Mills made this list. Unfortunately, they didn't. But that doesn't mean other areas in Central New York (and around CNY) didn't make the list.

This list was compiled by as they looked into nearly 350 locations throughout New York, trying to find the happiest places. According to Zippia's website,

...we settled on seven criteria to help determine which New York places are the happiest. The criteria include things like having insurance, owning a home, and having a job.

So what areas are the happiest in New York state?

Out of the ten happiest places in the state, six of them are far south towards New York City (and even a part of New York City). One of the ten is just outside of the city, and the rest? Well, the rest is what we're going to focus on. And the best part? They were on the top of the list.

Here are the Top Three happiest places in New York:

3 - Harris Hill, New York: Just east of Buffalo

2 - Westvale, New York: West of Syracuse

...And the happiest place in New York goes to...

Niskayuna, New York (just east of Schenectady).




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