If you're looking for a city that has everything, yet a lot of people don't know how great it is, you don't have to leave the state. One of the most underrated cities in the country can be found right here in New York.

MSN Lifestyle has compiled a list of the "5 Most Underrated Cities in the United States" and one city from NY made the list. The article wanted to pay attention to cities that aren't the flashiest, or the biggest, but definitely deserve some attention. The five cities on their list usually get overshadowed by other cities in that particular state, or get a bad rep for one reason or another.

So do you think you know which city in New York made the list??

Obviously, it wasn't New York City. Actually, New York City is one of the reasons this city made the list (because anytime someone mentions "New York," most people around the country assume the City). Nope, the city named on this underrated list was Buffalo, New York, which took the Number Two spot. According to MSN Lifestyle,

 It may not have Central Park, but Buffalo’s Botanical Gardens were designed by the same person (Frederick Law Olmsted), and it’s an absolutely beautiful attraction. Speaking of, there’s also the Erie Basin Marina. The actual marina is private, but right next to it you’ll find a public park right on the water, gardens, restaurants and an observation tower.

There's SO much to see and do in Buffalo, it's a little surprising how much this city gets overshadowed by New York City. Residents of New York don't do this, but if you were to ask others around the country, most would say New York City is the place to go. That's probably because that's the one thing everyone knows of New York State. Too bad they don't realize there is so much more to New York than just the City.





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