Taxes in New York are pretty rough, but it could be worse.

Surprise, surprise, New York is NOT the worst state for taxes, that's according to a new list out from MSN Money. They found the "Best and Worst States for Taxes in 2017," and New Jersey took the number one spot as the state with the biggest tax burden.

So where did New York fall on this list?

You probably could have guessed we would be on the "bad" side, and we were. New York took the following spot, as the second-worst state for taxes. These are how the taxes were broken down, according to MSN Money,

Individual income tax: 4%-8.82%
Sales tax: 4% - [8.9%]
Corporate income tax: 6.5%
Property tax per capita: $2,494
Unemployment insurance tax: 1.70%-9.50%

But remember, depending on local municipalities the total sales tax rate can be higher in different areas of the state.

Here are the 10 worst states, according to MSN Money:

10. Louisiana
9. Maryland
8. Connecticut
7. Rhode Island
6. Ohio
5. Minnesota
4. Vermont
4. District of Columbia (yes, we know it's not a state)
3. California
2. New York
1. New Jersey

The best places for taxes in our country include Florida, Alaska, South Dakota, and Wyoming.




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