Think of all the people in Utica. Think of the restaurants and businesses, and think of Utica's history. If you were to condense it into a movie, what movie would it be?

The movie you think of would obviously depend on your view of the city. If you see the growth and possibilities of Utica, you're going to have a more "feel good" story. If all you see is the crime and bad things that have happened to the city, you're probably going to think of a more dramatic movie. And if you think Utica is just a city, you're probably leaning towards a comedy.

We decided to use a few of those above ideas to decide what movie Utica should be. Then we 'Uticanized' the title of those famous movies to make it more fitting. Here's our Top 5 Utica movies:

1. "The Wizard of Corn Hill"

2. "21 Bleecker Street"

3. "The Mohawk Valley Psych Center Redemption"

4. "Monty Python and the Holy Greens"

5. "Runaway Cow"



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