Over 80 businesses in the Central New York area took the 'Red Pledge,' and lit up their buildings in red in honor of women's heart health.

On Friday, February 2nd, at 4pm, businesses, organizations, and landmarks all over the country "went red" to bring awareness to women's heart health, on National Wear Red Day. Of course, places in Central New York took part in the phenomenon, as well. Not only were buildings lit up in red, but places also encouraged their employees to wear red in honor of this day.

Every year, more and more businesses and organizations take part in this special event. Like we mentioned earlier, more than 80 businesses in our area took part in "Glowing Red" this year. Just check out all the photos we're already received of the Go Red Movement:

If your business, organization, or you yourself took part in National Wear Red Day, we would love to see the photos. We'll add them to the gallery (above). Just send them to: Naomi@Lite987.com

We want to thank everyone who participated in National Wear Red Day for 2018. We have many more events scheduled as part of the "Go Red for Women" campaign. And we'll keep you posted on these events as we get closer to their dates.




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