Walmart is the latest grocer to add curbside delivery. The chain announced the addition of the service to the Walmart Supercenters in New Hartford, Rome, and Oneida.

Walmart joins the New Hartford Hannaford in providing the service. Unlike Hannaford, Walmart's service will be free with a $30 purchase. Earlier this week, Syracuse-area grocer Wegman's announced they will offer home delivery of groceries.

Customers will be able to use the Walmart app to order from 30,000 available products and then park in a designated spot at the store while an employee delivers and loads the groceries into their car. The customer never has to get out of the car. Walmart says it's targeting busy people who are looking to save time with the service.

Is the service simply a convenience for folks who'd like to save the hour it takes to grocery shop or is it taking another step towards the fictional world portrayed in WALL-E, in which a superstore called 'Buy N Large' provided anything people could need at a level of convenience that was ultimately detrimental?

Sure, if you have difficulty with getting around or you're not feeling well, this service could really be a lifesaver. But what about the rest of us? Are we really so pressed for time that we can't spend an hour picking up a few things from the store? Exercise specialists suggest that we park as far from a store to get the maximum amount of walking in; now we don't need to walk at all.

What do you think: is curbside pickup more convenience or just another excuse to be inactive?


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