Halloween night you get your trick or treat bag and go door-to-door to your neighbors houses to collect candy. Right? Not if you're a 'candy carpetbagger.'

A what?

A 'candy carpetbagger' is someone who goes to trick-or-treat in a neighborhood other than their own because the Halloween candy is better. What do you think about kids doing that? Does it defeat the point of Halloween?

I get it if you live in a rural area where the houses are so far apart that you need to drive to another neighborhood or you'll end walking 7 miles for 3 Tootsie Rolls. BUT. I've also seen kids literally being driven from house to house to collect candy. That's not Halloween. It's not an exercise in just collecting candy. Or is it?

There are some CNY neighborhoods where the roads are jammed with cars filled with kids from other neighborhoods being driven in to collect the "good" candy.

On the other hand, Halloween is really about the kids - who cares if you have to buy an extra bag on candy? As long as the kids aren't throwing eggs or running around with shaving cream, what's the big deal?

Where do you stand on this? Is Halloween about building a sense of community or collecting candy? Should parents drive kids to other neighborhoods just so they can get "better" or more candy? Or should kids stay in the neighborhoods where they live for candy?

Should CNY communities try neighborhood specific bags, like one community in Pittburgh.



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