Remember how great it was when you came home on Halloween, dumped out your bag of goodies and surveyed all that your hard labor (aka ringing doorbells in your CNY neighborhood) had yielded. After you ate the very best candies and rationed the rest, all that was left were the undesirables.

The Halloween Candy No One Eats


Candy Corn Can we just agree that this is a decoration and not an actual candy? Explain why you'd even invent flavored versions of these. Gross.



Mary Janes These are the best candies if a) you hate trick or treaters or, b) you need to pull out a tooth. You can still get them at Amazon, though.



Sweet Tarts Maybe some people like these, but most don't. These are what you'd imagine flavored chalk tastes like.



Now and Laters Another candy that works as a dental tool. You just bite into one of these, and bam, you need a dentist.


Off-Brand Stale Chocolate Everyone knows what "bought-last-year-on-sale-off-brand-chocolate" tastes like. It's not good.


Giving out any of the above candies is a recipe for disaster. Your house could be toilet-papered by a disgruntled trick-or-treater. Just don't do it - stick with the candies everyone eats.

What are the candies you totally hated to get for Halloween as a kid?