No matter which side you're on, we can all agree the political climate in the United States is pretty heated - now a CNY ice cream shop wants to cool things off.

Stewart's Shops have introduced a new flavor to add a little sweetness to the country's political divide: Civility. The flavor is "sweet, smooth vanilla ice cream with salty caramel swirls... and no nuts!"

"The best way to lick this problem is with nice people and ice cream cones," said President of Stewart's Shops, Gary Dake.

To encourage customers to step up and try a little Civility, now through Sunday, August 26th, single or double scoop cones or cups are half off. Stewart's has locations throughout Central New York, including Utica, New Hartford, Rome, and Clinton

Whether you're Democrat, Republican, or neither - we can all agree that ice cream is delicious.


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