A new Guinness World Record could be made in central New York in 2020. Some Herkimer County natives are working to put together the world's longest charcuterie board to display in September, and if it works, their platter will blow the current record out of the water.

According to Syracuse.com, Preston Moore and Mike Cassella run the Facebook group 315 Foodies, which is dedicated to featuring food in and around central New York. Moore and Cassella are also planning this record-breaking feast. Although they now live in Albany, they are Herkimer County natives and decided to honor "the 315" by attempting a charcuterie board that spans 315 feet. The current record in the Guinness Book of World Records is 150 feet.

Now that Guinness has accepted the men's application, they have set a date for the big reveal. You can go look at (and taste food from) the potentially longest charcuterie board in the world September 13 at Veterans Memorial Park in Little Falls. Mark your calendar!

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If you're interested in doing more than just tasting all this food, Moore and Cassella are currently accepting interest forms for individuals, businesses and restaurants who operate in central New York and would like to have a section of the board. They told Syracuse.com that while the record-setting charcuterie board can only include the main components of charcuterie, like meats, cheeses and fruit spreads, they plan on surrounding the board with central New York staples like half-moons, tomato pie and Utica greens.

Those interested in providing can submit a form here. There will be a partner fee for businesses and restaurants wanting to participate, but individuals will not be charged for a section.

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