A Middleville restaurant is imploring patrons to stop yelling at their staff and just wear a mask, or they say they'll be forced to close.

Health experts say wearing a mask is the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 when you're out in public, and Governor Cuomo's executive orders currently require customers to wear masks when at any local business, including restaurants and bars.

Unfortunately, some people refuse to comply, taking it out on servers and waitstaff at restaurants.

In a Facebook post, Dibbles Inn explained that they are required to ask patrons to wear a mask. They say diners have been yelling at their bartenders for simply doing their jobs. In fact, the level of anger expressed by some customers is so bad - the restaurant says they'll have to close if it keeps up.

"Dibbles Inn is a NO MASK NO ENTRY!!!!! PLEASE STOP YELLING AT MY BARTENDERS for doing there job properly.. when u come in wear it... while seated take off only needed when you walk in or out or to bathroom... Come in get seated we will wait on you ABSOLUTELY NO expecting to stand at bar..... If this anger keeps up we will have to close.. this is a order we loose (sic) our license if we don't follow... If you really care about us and our business then just comply or don't come!!!!!"

Last week, an Alexandria Bay restaurant owner expressed similar sentiments, saying that most patrons are willing to comply, but 1% refuse and "freak out, spout off their constitutional rights, ADA, medical problems, other restaurants or businesses didn't require it, or the best one is, we are from another state and it's not required."

If you support small business, just wear your mask. It's that simple. 

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