Looking to have some fun while President Trump is here in CNY? Why not play along to a drinking game?

We decided to cook up a fun drinking game for the President's visit. If your workplace allows booze, or you plan on drinking at home, give this game a stab.

First off, don't over drink! Don't drink and drive, just don't.

Second, the rules are simple to this game. After you have something happen on the list below, either take a shot or a sip of your drink.

1) If President Trump says he wants to make Central New York Great again.

2) If the motorcade drives by your workplace.

3) If the President stops as he goes into the fundraiser and gives a thumbs up to the crowd.

4) If President Trump stops at a McDonald's location in our area, finish your drink like a champ.

5) If the President hugs the Mayor of either Rome or Utica.

6) If Trump claims the fundraiser is "huge folks, huge", take a drink.

7) If the President tweets about CNY, finish your drink.

8) For every minute the President is late to the fundraiser, take a drink.

9) If the President stays at the fundraiser for more than three hours, finish your drink.

10) If something goes viral from what he says at the fundraiser, or in the area, finish your drink.



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