A Utica woman says that a Central New York pizzeria didn't do the right thing when she found something gross in her order. What do you think?

In a Facebook post, Danelle Trotta says she and a friend ordered lunch from a Utica pizzeria. That $46 order included 40 wings. As they ate, Danelle says she and her friend noticed several of the wings still had feathers on them. And about 5 had more than just a few feathers - they had a LOT. She says the pizza place also forgot to include extra sauce that was ordered.

According to Danelle, when her friend called to complain, the pizza place offered to credit her for the missing sauce and for 5 wings - just the ones with feathers. Danelle and her friend say the feathers - that had been fried along with the wings - grossed them out so much, they couldn't finish eating the wings. Danelle says she "understands that mistakes happen" but she's think someone had to notice the feathers and stick them in the box anyway.

What do you think? Should the pizzeria have credited the entire order or was just offering a credit for the wings with a lot of feathers enough? What would you do in that situation? 

UPDATE: Since Danelle's Facebook post went viral, the pizzeria in question has offered Danelle and her friend a $40 credit at the restaurant and a large pizza. 


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