There's nothing that can ruin an experience or a business' name like bad customer service.

There's no doubt, at least one time in your life you had to deal with bad customer service. Whether it was having a waiter or waitress give you attitude, or just having someone behind the counter at a store, not help you out.

Naomi Lynn's latest ranting and raving has to deal with a specific situation that happened to her the other morning - Something you can probably relate to.

In the video above, Naomi explains she doesn't expect people to go out of her way to make her 'shopping' experience amazing, she even says "You don't even have to use manners, or tell me to have a nice day..." But what she does expect?

Not being treated like it's such a hassle to wait on her.

A quick stop to the gas station (that should have taken a few minutes), ended up being about a 15-minute ordeal, filled with waiting, an attitude, and an unhappy start to the day.

Naomi says getting treated like you're a pain is the worst. What is the one thing a worker could do that will ruin an experience for you? Or in this case, make the start of your day a little rough?
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