Little Falls, Glens Falls, Niagara Falls, - There are a lot of towns and cities across the state of New York that are named for 'falls.'

But how many are there altogether?

After researching cities, towns, and villages in the state of New York (for a completely unrelated reason), it became apparent that many of these locations have the word 'falls' in them. So instead of finishing the first project on New York cities, it was time to take a detour, and answer the question of exactly how many areas in New York are named 'blank' - falls.

Here's the list of cities, towns, and villages in New York that have 'falls' in their name:

1. Glens Falls
2. Little Falls
3. Niagara Falls
4. Genesee Falls
5. Schuyler Falls
6. Seneca Falls
7. Highland Falls
8. Honeoye Falls
9. Hoosick Falls
10. Hudson Falls
11. Lyons Falls
12. Montour Falls
13. Oriskany Falls
14. Rensselaer Falls
15. South Glens Falls
16. Valley Falls
17. Wappingers Falls

...And that's what we found. 17 cities, towns, and villages in the state of New York with the word 'falls' in their names. This list didn't include the actual names of some 'falls' in the state, however (like Fox's Falls in Ilion). Just some random information you'll probably never need in your life, but hey, now you know!

Did we miss any? Were you expecting 17 locations? Were you expecting more names, or less?




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