Somehow the bouncy house and the slip-n-slide I've provided for my boy's backyard entertainment just doesn't quite measure up to what 'Coaster Dad' has done.

Mark Richards TSM

Check this out. 'Coaster Dad' has built a roller coaster in his backyard . Yeah, a roller coaster. And the best part is that the kids don't have to wait in a long line in for a ride.

Will Pemble tells us that:

The wheel assembly and chassis base are complete! Let's take a ride around our test track and talk about the first Pedal Powered Backyard Roller Coaster Cart!

The neighborhood kids must be going crazy, bugging their parents daily, asking to go for a ride. Coaster Dad's new friend Meg came over for a spin and it looks like she had a blast!

Legally speaking, I think the parents should be required to sign a waiver before allowing their kids onto the backyard roller coaster.  Remember, safety first.

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