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A Rochester Creation
Making water bounce off of a surface? It's possible. Scientists at the University of Rochester have done just that, by creating a new metal that water bounces right off of.
Do Something Great [VIDEO]
Some days it feels like you can conquer the world. Anything that you want to do, you'll accomplish. Then there are those days that you simply just muddle through. But there's a great way to help start your day with that 'I can achieve anything' feeling.
Action Movie Kid [VIDEO]
I often wonder what's going through my five year-old's mind when he's hoping from one couch to another to avoid the hot lava. What's he imagining when he reaches the top of the McDonald's play place rocket ship? Now I know thanks to this creative video from a creative d…
Shark On The Beach [VIDEO]
When the movie 'Jaws' was scaring the heck out of this child, I was a bit relieved to hear that sharks never really swim inland. Well, I'm re-thinking that after seeing this video of a white pointer shark swimming right onto Coronation beach in Geraldton, Western Australia.
The View from the Start Line
You are about to experience the view we've been enjoying from the front line of the Utica Boilermaker Road Race. For the past decade we've been set up at the starting line of the race providing the soundtrack for the runners as they take off for the big 15K road race here in beautiful Utic…
Jet Airplane Rollover Video
Imagine shooting video of a few attractive young ladies dancing when something amazing happens above your head. Watch this video of a Boeing 747 jet airliner doing an unexpected aileron roll over, right before your eyes! Real or fake?

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