A national brand reached out to a Central New York artist after seeing her work online. Now, she's completed a big project for them.

Maria Vallese, a Utica artist who creates under the name 'Retro Sorrento', has created a line of stickers for Annie's Homegrown.

The six stickers are available with a proof of purchase from Annie's Homegrown. The company specializes in organic foods for kids. Each sticker features the brand's mascot, a bunny, in a different setting.

Maria says the company found her, after seeing some of her work online, "They found me through a freelance website that I usually get some small jobs from, saw my portfolio on my website and contacted me. Think they were interested in my “make coffee not war” design, which led me to get hired for this project."

Maria has created several pieces of artwork for local brands, including Saranac and the Boilermaker.


To view more of Maria's artwork, and to support a local artist, you can follow Retro Sorrento on Instagram and on Facebook.

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