This weekend I headed into Syracuse to watch the Utica Comets play against the Syracuse Crunch. Not only was it a fun game, but it was definitely a new experience for me.


Utica Comets and Syracuse Crunch Faceoff
Naomi Lynn/TSM

"New to Naomi" took me into Syracuse this weekend. It wasn't a regular "New to Naomi," (since I didn't get to explore all around Syracuse), but it was something new for me. I'm a hockey fan here, I was a hockey fan back home, but the biggest reason why this was something new to me (besides being in Syracuse) was because I usually only go to home games.

It was a great game! Yes, unfortunately the Comets lost, but there was a ton of energy in the Oncenter War Memorial Arena... from Comets fans! The arena was packed, and I would say it was almost a 50/50 split between Crunch and Comets fans.

Not going to lie, my throat was a little rough the next day from screaming so much. After a crazy brawl just as the first period ended, to a few sadly missed shots, there was A LOT of yelling (and not just from me).

Like I said the first time I ever went to a Comets game, Utica fans are crazy! Everyone gets so into the game, and I love it. I was lucky enough to have some pretty good seats, which always helps. It makes it feel like you're part of the action, and what's better than that??


Comets Playing Against Crunch in Syracuse
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Even though our Comets lost (1 to 4), it was still a lot of fun. The arena was pretty nice (and bright, that's for sure). I wouldn't mind going back.

That's the only thing I got to see in Syracuse, so obviously I will be back to the area to actually check out the city. Plus the mall - I'm overdue on some shopping, I think.




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