After tragedy struck a Van Buren family, the community has come together to help. 2-year-old Nora Lamirande was killed in a fire Sunday May 3rd. Although it won't bring back their daughter, neighbors have started a fundraiser to help the family.

A 'Remembering Nora Lamirande Fund' has been set up at Go Fund Me for Chris and Leslie, who are mourning the loss of their daughter while picking up the pieces of the fire that destroyed their home. Donations have already started pouring in. Over $44,000 has been raised in 24 hours.

Clothes are also being collected along with toys for Nora's brother, Mason.

Clothing sizes

-Mason wears size 4T and up. He is a fan of power wheel, trucks, and cars.
-Chris wears a size medium shirt. Leslie wears a size large/x-large shirt.

Donations can be left at 72 Cross Country Drive Baldwinsville, NY 13027. Money orders or checks can be mailed to the same address.

The fire broke out after food was left unattended on a stove. Leslie was outside playing with her son Mason and couldn't get back inside to save her daughter according to WIBX.

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