In just over three months (July 13th and 14th, 2013) the Utica Boilermaker festivities will be underway. The question on everyones mind in Central New York is, "Could this happen here?" Could what happened at the Boston marathon possibly happen during the running of the 36th annual Boilermaker race? We decided to reach out to Boilermaker officials along with local and state authorities to ask just that question.

Based on the fact that our calls have gone unanswered so far, it appears that an exploratory committee is currently being formed to discuss this very issue. Most likely they want to formulate a plan before reaching out to the media. We hope to hear from Veronica of the Entertainment committee, the Office of The Sheriff in Oneida County, Robert M. Maciol, and we are still awaiting an official statement from Congressman Richard Hanna's office. When we get statements we will pass them along to you.

In one instance we did find out that meetings are being considered and that changes to the security provided during the 36th annual Utica Boilermaker Road Race will NOT affect the runners. This was part of the conversation with the WIBX News staff. If you missed the conversation with Bill Keeler and Utica Boilermaker President Tim Reid on our sister station, WIBX 950am, here are a few minutes;

It's safe to say that our officials will do everything in their power to insure a safe and secure environment this year's Boilermaker Road Race.


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