A local photographer captured this amazing shot on Onondaga Lake. The hungry coyote wants to steal a fish.

Marcia White Bower
Marcia White Bower

Well-known Syracuse photographer Marcia White Bower was being interviewed about the Bald Eagles on Onondaga lake. Bower tells us they were on the new pedestrian bridge when she spotted this coyote way out on the ice walking towards the 3 eagles.

It circled them a few times, but never got any closer than this. It looked pretty skinny and probably hungry and hoping to steal a fish from the eagles. It finally just walked away. Amazingly enough- the eagles totally ignored this guy! How absolutely THRILLED I was to witness this!

Bald Eagles of Onondaga Lake Facebook page says wintering Bald Eagles have returned to Onondaga Lake thanks to Honeywell and partners' massive cleanup efforts. You're encouraged to join the group and share your stories, sightings, and photographs of these exquisite birds on their page.

Coyote hunting season in New York State is October 1 - March 28. After sunrise opening day, hunters can hunt any hours, day or night, for the rest of the season with no bag limits.

As you can tell from the photo, coyotes look similar to German shepherd dogs but are only half the weight ranging from 35 to 45 pounds. Coyotes have long, thick fur with a full bushy tail pointing down. Ears are large, erect, and pointed.

The coloring of a coyote varies from blonde or reddish blonde to dark tan washed with black. Legs, ears, and cheeks usually reddish. Many have a white chin, and a dark spot just below the tail base when observed from behind says the DEC.

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