Portrait Innovations Photo Studio Chain Closes
Portrait Innovations, based in North Carolina, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2017. The business had over 100 locations at the time of its bankruptcy filing. Now, the chain has gone off the grid.
Top Ghost Towns You Can Still Visit In New York
Are you a fan of urban decay photography? For those that don't know what that is, it's defined as photography that shows photos of abandoned buildings, malls, and homes. Here in New York, you're able to tour a lot of these settings through many ghost towns. Here's the top ones to…
Coyote in Trenton Falls
A photographer in Trenton Falls, New York was able to capture some of the most beautiful wildlife in this area, including an adult coyote playing with a stuffed animal - and the pictures are more than breath-taking.
Asked to Leave by Pastor
I don't see the groom complaining. I don't hear the bride complaining. You will hear and see the pastor complaining loud and clear in this video.  He takes it upon himself to decide where the photography is to be taken on their special day.

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