Who could possibly be thinking about New Year's 2019 right now?! 2018 just hit. Actually, we are, with a great idea to help you ring in the next New Year.

We hope you had a wonderful New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. How did you ring in the New Year? Celebrating with friends and family? Cuddling up on the couch watching "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve"? Reflecting back on the crazy year we've had?

However you did celebrate the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, we have a great way for you to get ready for the next New Year's celebrations.

I know, I know, sounds wayyyy to early to be thinking about this, right?! But you have to start this project now, for it to be perfect for 2018-2019. I'm talking about creating a memory jar.

Maybe you've seen photos on Facebook or Twitter, of people going through their "Memory Jars" before ringing in the New Year. I know I did, and I was a little jealous I didn't create one.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, it's a pretty cute idea, and super easy to create your own. All you need is a jar, a bucket, or something to hold a bunch of pieces of paper and other mementos from the year. Every time something good or memorable happens that you want to remember on the New Year, you write it down and stick it in the jar. Same with concert ticket stubs, maybe a receipt from a night out with the girls, anything like that.

Then on New Year's Eve, before the ball drops, you dump out the jar and look at all the year brought you. Simple, right?! And I think it's a great idea, especially because sometimes we forget all the good things that can happen throughout the year, and we only see the bad (or a lot of the bad).

I want to give a big "Thank You" to Ann Polanowicz Rushlo for giving us the idea to start doing this. It all started from a conversation on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page, of "What are your New Year's Eve Plans" and she told us about this wonderful memory jar that she keeps every year. I did mention that I was going to steal the idea, because I definitely want to ring in 2019 looking at all the wonderful things that are sure to happen in 2018.

And now I'm passing the idea onto you, so you can ring in the next New Year with a look back at all the good you experienced.

Here's to 2018, I hope you have a fantastic year.



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