Critz Farms is looking to add a brewery to their offings by Thanksgiving if they can get the federal licence approved. 

Critz Farms currently makes farm fresh sweet apple cider, award winning hand crafted hard cider, New York cheddar cheese, pure maple syrup and other maple products, now they're looking to add a brewery to the mix by Thanksgiving. is reporting:

"If we can get our federal license approved, we'll be ready to go,'' said Matthew Critz, who, with his wife Juanita, has owned the farm at 3232 Rippleton Road (Route 13) for 30 years.

He's hoping to have a pale ale and maybe an India Pale Ale (IPA) to start, then move into some lighter ales and eventually seasonals that make use of the farm's produce: A maple porter for spring, for example, a blueberry beer for summer and apple and/or pumpkin ales for fall.


The brewery will have a 2.5-barrel brewhouse. That's considered a "nano" brewery, smaller than a microbrewery.

They already have the knowledge, brewing equipment and now a brewer to run the brewhouse located in Critz's sugar house. They'll phase out the existing Harvest Moon name, and market both beer and cider under the "Critz Farms" brand.

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