Did you know our first president George Washington used to brew beer? A brewery has gotten a hold of his recipe and is now recreating it.

Whether you drink beer or not, this is pretty cool. If you are a beer drinker, this takes "learning about America's History" to a whole different level.

Blue Point Brewing Company in New York has created the "Colonial Ale," a beer based off a recipe George Washington saved. According to CBS New York,

A copy of the actual recipe is currently held inside the archives of the New York City Public Library. [Brewmaster] Jansen said he faithfully followed Washington’s nearly 260-year-old instructions to brew 30 barrels of the beer.

They used the same ingredients that George Washington used - The only real difference into the production of the beer was the way it's made. Breweries have machines and technical ways to create beer now - Something they obviously didn't have back in the 1700s.

The beer is now available in the Blue Point Brewery's "tasting room," but that's it. If people really enjoy the beer however, it could be available in retail stores.





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