Daniel Radcliffe knows a thing or two about Harry Potter.  After all, he's played him for ten years  in all the films.  So when rumors started swirling that J. K. Rowling was going to write an eighth  Harry Potter book, Daniel took matters into his own hands.

Daniel was so worried she'd write another Potter book, he sent her a text in the middle of the night,  asking if the rumors were true and begging her to lock up her typewriter.    J.K Rowling wrote him back a few hours later.  She was so  happy with his performance in the seventh Potter film that,  as a reward, she promised to never write another book about Harry.  Very happy news for Daniel who didn't want to play Harry Potter again.  He was stressing big time  up until that point.  However, he will have to flip back into Harry Potter mode one more time.  He'll  be doing a bunch of promotional stuff for the final Potter film, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:Part 2"  this July.

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