Need a weekend or a day getaway this summer? Darien Lake is the place to check out - Here's everything you need to know to plan your trip.

Darien Lake is officially open for the 2016 summer season! Whether you're looking for some high thrill roller coasters or want a more mellow family fun park, Darien Lake has you covered.

The amusement park includes carnival-type rides for family fun, rides for the younger kids, and even a few high-powered roller coasters and thrill rides. The park also offers water coasters, and even a water park with slides and pools.

You can check out all the rides and attractions at Darien Lake here.

The drive to Darien Lake isn't bad at all. It takes just under three hours to get to the park from the Utica area. If you're planning a visit, you'll need to know their hours...

MAY 2016

Fri. May 13th: 10a - 8p
Sat. May 14th: 10:30a - 8p
Sun. May 15th: 10:30a - 8p
Fri. May 20th: 10a - 10p
Sat. May 21st: 10:30a - 10p
Sun. May 22nd: 10:30a - 10p
Mon. May 23rd: 10a - 5p
Fri. May 27th: 10a - 10p
Sat. May 28th: 10:30a - 10p
Sun. May 29th: 10:30a - 10p
Mon. May 30th: 10:30a - 8p

JUNE 2016

Fri. June 3rd: 10a - 10p
Sat. June 4th: 10:30a - 10p
Sun. June 5th: 10:30a - 10p
Mon. June 6th: 10a - 5p
Thurs. June 9th: 10a - 5p
Fri. June 10th: 10a - 10p
Sat. June 11th: 10:30a - 10p
Sun. June 12th: 10:30a - 10p
Mon. June 13th: 10a - 5p
Thurs. June 16th: 10a - 5p
Fri. June 17th: 10a - 10p
Sat. June 18th: 10:30a - 10p
Sun. June 19th: 10:30a - 10p
Mon. June 20th: 10:30a - 5p
Tues. June 21st: 10:30a - 5p
Wed. June 22nd: 10:30a - 5p
Thurs. June 23rd: 10:30a - 5p
Fri. June 24th: 10:30a - 10p
Sat. June 25th: 10:30a - 10p
Sun. June 26th: 10:30a - 10p
Mon. June 27th: 10:30a - 10p
Tues. June 28th: 10:30a - 10p
Wed. June 29th: 10:30a - 10p
Thurs. June 30th: 10:30a - 10p

JULY 2016

Every day (including weekends): 10:30a - 10p


Every day (including weekends): 10:30a - 10p


Thurs. Sept 1st: 10:30a - 10p
Fri. Sept 2nd: 10:30a - 10p
Sat. Sept 3rd: 10:30a - 10p
Sun. Sept 4th: 10:30a - 10p
Mon. Sept 5th: 10:30a - 7p
Sat. Sept 10th: 10:30a - 7p
Sun. Sept 11th: 10:30a - 7p
Sat. Sept 17th: 10:30a - 7p
Sun. Sept 18th: 10:30a - 7p
Sat. Sept 24th: 10:30a - 7p
Sun. Sept 25th: 10:30a - 7p

Let's see... What else do you need to know about Darien Lake? Well, tickets online are $38.99 for adults and $29.99 for children (under 48"). Those tickets are good for both the carnival and thrill rides, and the water slides and pools. You can also get discounts and deals from their website here.

Darien Lake also offers places to stay if you want more than just a day trip. There's a hotel, campsites, cabins, even "glamping" sites, and guest houses. Details and prices can be found here.

If you haven't been to Darien Lake in the last few years (or if you have never been), it's a place you have to check out for the Summer of 2016! Last year, they introduced two new rides - One thrill ride, and one new slide in the water park.




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