Darien Lake Amusement Park has announced two new rides that will be opening up for the summer season - 'Rolling Thunder' and 'Brain Drain.'

Pack your bags, grab your kids, your friends... whoever, and head over to Darien Lake Theme Park. If you're looking for some serious thrills this summer, well they have you covered. Darien Lake announced they have two new rides, and both are set to be ready on opening day!

'Rolling Thunder' is one of the new rides set to open. It's a circular coaster that's seven stories high! The ride lasts about two minutes and takes you around six times. Check out the ride for yourself in the video below.


Now, the second ride that will be opening up is an awesome water slide, 'Brain Drain.' When you think of a water slide, usually you think of this little slide that ends you in a pool - maybe spirals a few times, but that's about it. Well, that's not the case with 'Brain Drain.' This ride is wicked! It drops you from 70 feet up in the air, and the speed?? It's just crazy!



Darien Lake opens this weekend (May 9th). 'Rolling Thunder' and 'Brain Drain' are both expected to be ready on opening day for the park. Now I'm getting pretty excited for this - it may just be another 'New to Naomi'



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