Glamorous camping, or glamping, is a trend that has spread across Europe and parts of the United States. Could a glamping resort ever work in New York State?

The first glampground recently opened in Michigan near Traverse City, and the trend got us thinking about New York State.

According to CBSDetroitBella Solviva,

billed as “the comfy camping eco resort,” will feature 230 campsites that include safari tents, tree houses, vintage RVs, B&B suites, yachts, and cabins — some with king-size beds.
“What we wanted to do was something with a low-density situation where you might not even be able to see your neighbor, feel like you’re out in the woods,” [Developer Brad] Carlson said. “The glamping part or it….the safari tents and so on just give an upscale approach to a high level of service — much like you’d have at an upscale resort or hotel.”

One could say that New York's Adirondack's offered the first, if completely out of reach, glamping experience with its luxury 'camps' like Great Camp Sagamore owned and patronized by only the ultra-rich. includes, as of this writing, 85 'glamping' accomidations, such as luxury cabins, high-end yurts (who knew yurts, round tents used since antiquity in Mongolia, could be made luxurious) and tree houses. There does not appear to be a total glampground in New York - yet.

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