UPDATE: As of Monday night the family of Brittany Hobart has announced that she has been found safe. There are only a few details at this time and we'll provide an update as soon as we can.

The daughter of a Correctional Officer at Mohawk Correctional Facility has gone missing in New York City and her family is extremely worried.

Brittany Hobart recently moved to New York City and was last seen on Tuesday, August 30th, 2021 outside of her apartment on the corner of 1st Avenue and 23rd Street in Manhattan. Central Region Vice President of NYSCOPBA (New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association) Bryan Hluska knows the father and says "the family is a wreck." They are very worried about their daughter who was working as a waitress and only lived in the city a short time. She is described as 5 feet 2 inches, with brown hair and brown eyes and a thin build.

Kim Pound via Facebook
Kim Pound via Facebook

In a Facebook post published by Brittany's mother Kim Pound she writes,

My daughter Brittany Hobart has been missing in Manhattan in New York City from her apartment since Tuesday. She is officially declared a missing persons and I need if any of her friends or family hears from her or has heard from her and would know where she is please contact me or her sisters! Any of my friends in the New York City area, and as many of my friends as can, please share this and get the word out there and maybe somebody will recognize her! Brittany does have some mental health issues, so if she happens to be located or seen and seems a little off, please do not approach her just follow her and call the police. My children and I and a few others will be going to NY to form a search party and look for her! please God be with us right now!

Brittany may be struggling as she could possibly be in need of her medication. Both the 13th precinct of the New York City Police Department and New York State Police are investigating her disappearance. If anyone who has ties to her locally in Central New York hears from her or has any information on her whereabouts, you are asked to contact the New York Police Department's Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477), the 13th Precinct at 212-477-7411 or just call 911.

May Brittany be found safely and in a timely manner so that her family may stop worrying and this nightmare can come to an end.

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